Aarshi's Matrimonial Solutions or AMS, as we are fondly called, is one of India's leading

matrimonial companies that aspire to add a touch of corporate perfection to emotional and personal hue of wedding alliances made in heaven.

Our perception of traditional, social and economical ethos of diverse communities that thrive in the country has allowed us to celebrate weddings wonderfully.

The concept of wedding has changed a lot today and it much more than just match-making and a reception.

Our MD Aarshi Jain understands what a young couple and their families want from a wedding and to help them start a blissfully wedded life wedding that they cherish for eternity, we are pleased to offer an assortment of services beginning from marketing, matchmaking, client servicing and advertising for enabling a professionally managed client engagement.


From finding the perfect life partner to solemnizing gorgeous wedding, we are there to watch your every step and guide you through, with love and understanding. A ‘happily married ever after’ adage is not for books only. We understand that conjugal happiness starts with coming together of two suitable individuals and uniting in a bond of enduring love and affection.

The team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals at Aarshi’s Matrimonial Solutions attempt to provide a comprehensive approach towards matrimonial practices that include match making, preparation, management and other services such as astrologist consultation, patri-matching, preparing matrimonial biodata, photography, and counselling sessions with prospective grooms and brides.

OUR MISSION We exist to lead the way in the fulfillment of the concerns of our customers for themselves and their future (including the future of their children and others in their family and community). Health, Happiness, Prosperity and Self-Expression of all involved in the process are a natural outcome of our being in the world.

OUR VISION Our customers acknowledge and recognize us for being trustworthy, resourceful and competent. In their conversations with us and others they speak positively of our services and express their happiness and satisfaction. Our transparency and responsiveness are appreciated irrespective of the outcomes.